Every other term, we would like to invite you to come into school  to share your child’s ‘Learning Journey’ profile book. The book is a record of your child’s individual achievements, and contains photographs, observations, comments and samples of mark-making. We would love to hear about anything your child achieves at home, whether it is learning to ride a bike, pointing out words or numbers when you are out and about, noticing the leaves changing colour, or anything else you would like to celebrate. Please see the ‘Wow Sheets’ page to download a copy of our Wow sheets for home. Even the smallest achievement is a significant step for your child. We would also like to know about anything your child has done out of school, such as dancing, football club, family outings and events, eg weddings, moving house, birthday parties.

You and your child will be able to look at the profile book together, and add your own contributions, as well as putting in photos etc. that we have taken at school.

We really hope you will be able to come!

The Foundation Stage Team