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What we have been doing in Year 2:


Titanic Day (14.07.17)

A wonderful day celebrating our Titanic topic this term. We wore Titanic outfits fit for First Class. Our activities included: learning to Waltz, playing music in a band, a science lesson on floating and sinking and iceberg hockey. Then we finished the day with a first class feast.

Ocean Songs Performance (26.06.17)

After learning some ocean songs in music this term, Year 1 and 2 went to Carswell School to perform alongside other local schools. We had a practice and then did our concert in front of Foundation Stage. We sang confidently and added lots of fun actions to the songs.

Hula Hooping – Imitation (09.06.17)

We spent part of the morning learning to hula hoop. We practised turning it on our hips and we even tried to do it with a bean bag on our head. We had to look very carefully to learn how to do it and get even better. At the end of the day all the classes chose children to perform in front of the school.

Archery Maths – Making Links (25.05.17)

This term’s Learning to Learn focus has been making links. We have been making lots of links in English and History to do with Space but today we made links by learning to play archery and do maths at the same time! We had to fire arrows at a target and count our scores together. It was so much fun!

Making Clay Aliens (12.05.17)

After our topic all about Space, we designed and made aliens out of clay. We had lots of fun practising the different techniques before making our alien.

History Trip to Oxford Castle (20.03.17)

On Monday Year 2 went to Oxford Castle with Year 1. We had a great day learning all about the local history of Oxford. In the morning we had a tour of the castle that included climbing up to St George’s Tower and looking out across Oxford like the watchmen. We also went into the prison cells and some people were even put in the pillory! We were told all about the story of Matilda who escaped from the castle when she was surrounded by the enemy. We did storytelling and role play all afternoon. We had a fantastic day!

Visit from the Fire Service (10.03.17)

On Friday firemen and women from Abingdon Fire Station came to talk to us about their job. We learnt all about the importance of fire safety and checking smoke alarms. We then got to see what they wear to protect themselves during a fire as well as going out side to see the fire engine.

Book Day (03.03.17)

We had a wonderful day dressed up as our favourite book characters. We also shared some books and read with Year 3/4. At the end of the day we had a great Philosophy (P4C) lesson where we gave our opinions on which Roald Dhal character we would most like to be and why.

Year 2 Letters

KS1Letter-Jan 2017

Events and information for parents

***Reminder Tuesday 4th April 2017 –  Year 2 SATs meeting for parents 2:30pm Year 2 classroom***

Thursday 23rd March 2017

At Thameside we know reading is really important. Thank You to those parents who came to our phonics and reading morning. We hope you enjoyed watching your child’s phonics lesson and chatting about reading at school and at home. For parents who couldn’t make the morning, please read our presentation about reading.

Parents reading presentation

Every week children bring home a new reading record to complete every time they read. When they read they get a sticker on the reading challenge chart! Remember that 30 reads = a choice of brand new book to take home.

Home reading record