Titanic Day

Year 1 and 2 had a wonderful Titantic Day. They all came dressed in fabulous costumes ranging from third class passengers and crew to first class ladies and gentlemen. They enjoyed making their own boarding passes to take with them on their re-enactment of the launch and iceberg crash! They had a dance lesson to teach them how to waltz and enjoyed a banquet fit for first class passengers!









World Book Week

The whole school either at home or in lock-down school enjoyed a week dedicated to the joy of books!  Children took part in on-line sessions with authors and illustrators throughout the week, inspiring them with imaginary world from author Vashti Hardy, creating their own books ideas with Tom Fletcher, finding out how authors get their ideas with Zanib Mian and doodling alongside Tom Gates author, Simon James Green. The week culminated in everyone dressing up in costumes of some of their favourite characters, which we shared with each other over Teams meetings.
Normally we would take the children to visit The Abingdon Bookstore to use their WBD voucher, but as we couldn’t do that this year, so the Bookstore kindly took the childrens orders and delivered the books to us so they were able to use their voucher.   A fantastic week to celebrate our love of books as a school!

















Sharing Stories

On Thursday 13th February, a group of children from each KS2 class went to share the stories they had been reading to Nicholson House .The children had been practicing their fluency skills and worked hard on using expression and reading aloud. The children were great performers and the residents really enjoyed the session. We have booked to go again!

Dance Festival

In January, 8 children from year 3 and 4 were selected to attend a dance festival at Wantage Leisure Centre. Here’s their quick report about the event.

We learnt a dance from King Alfred’s Sports Leaders and then made up our own moves to ‘I just can’t wait to be King’ from the Lion King. We were a little bit nervous at the beginning but soon we all joined in to follow the dance and add in our own moves. We were very imaginative and listened so well to each other. At the end of the afternoon we performed it to the rest of the schools all by ourselves!


Korky Paul comes to Thameside

Last October as part of our ‘Learning to Learn’ work on collaboration we worked with artist and illustrator Korky Paul to provide pictures for the endpapers of his new book ‘Winnie and Wilbur – The Bug Safari’. We are extremely proud to have a dedication and 28 beautiful pictures in his new book. On Friday Korky came to school to present signed copies of the book to the children whose drawings had been selected and painted a picture of Winnie the Witch incorporating the children’s ideas. Congratulations to all the children whose pictures were chosen for the book.













Wheelchair Basketball

As part of our ‘learning to learn’ work on empathy, Thameside Teaching Assistant Miss Nurton arranged for her Wheelchair basketball club to loan the school their specialised wheelchairs. All the children had a chance to learn this new skill and see how tricky it was to manoeuvre around and control the ball whilst in the wheelchairs.  It also gave them a small insight into some of the difficulties faced by wheelchair users.









Year 3 & 4 Visit the Ashmolean Museum

As a starting point to the topic ‘Ancient Egypt,’ the children in Year 3 and 4 spent the day at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.  They had a guided tour of the Egyptian Gallery where they learned about Taharqa, an Ancient Egyptian pharaoh and saw the mummy and sarcophagus of Djeddjehutyiewefankh, an Egyptian priest.


Nursery and Reception visit to Harcourt Aboretum

We were really lucky to have such a beautiful dry and sunny (but cold ) morning for our trip. We explored and learned about the fantastic outdoor environment at Harcourt Aboretum.  The children really enjoyed learning about the very tall tree called a Giant Redwood that is more than 200 years old.


100th Birthday Celebrations

The children in year 6 were very excited that a resident at Nicholson House would be a 100 in December. The whole class made a card to celebrate the 100th birthday. Hayden, Liam, Marshall and Bisom were chosen to design and make a cake to take to the birthday celebration. They were very good at singing Happy Birthday and loved the balloons!


Remembrance Day Visit

On Remembrance Day, members of year 5 visited Nicholson House, the local old people’s home to share their performance of the war poem ‘For the Fallen’. The children were very confident at performing and used loud and clear voices.

After the performance, children discussed the World Wars with residents and looked through lots of photos and artefacts from this time period. The residents commented on the children’s politeness and friendliness. Everyone really enjoyed this informative visit!


Kingswood Residential Trip

On Wednesday 9th October, year 6 went to stay at the Kingswood Centre in Dearne Valley, Yorkshire. The children were very brave and resilient on the two night stay. They got very wet kayaking in the lake, discovered how to light fires in bush craft, overcame fears of heights by climbing and zip lining and sang songs around the camp fire. We all had the best adventure!


Photography Exhibition

On Tuesday 24th Sept we held a Photography Exhibition for parents to come and enjoy. The theme was ‘Noticing’, this term’s ‘Learning to Learn’ focus.

Each year group from Nursery up to Year 6 took part. The interpretation of the theme varied depending on the year group. Foundation focused on noticing numbers all around the school, while Year 6 created optical illusions. The children’s work expresses the importance of ‘Noticing’ in art, and also its fundamental value in enabling us to become better learners.

All the children have been using computing skills to take photos, save and retrieve images.  Some of the older children manipulated the images and used special effects.